Bye-bye cringy Fall decor and hello adorable Halloween party vibes. We partnered with our good friends at Lushra (event lead), Hope Gray Photo and Fount Board & Table for this spooky cute backyard Halloween bash. Watching it come to life was magical, so here’s 7 spooky cute ideas to bring your own Halloween party back from the dead.

1. Rethink your color palette

Your Halloween party doesn’t have to look like the predictable orange and black seasonal aisle at Walmart. Muted colors and pastels can completely elevate the aesthetic of a party while still delivering the seasonal feels. For this Halloween celebration, we partnered with Lushra—one of our favorite event companies. You can purchase this DIY balloon garland kit on their website or find ways to incorporate black, pastel purple, pastel green, and nude into your own party palette. Being nude at parties is generally frowned upon, but using the color nude, is super  cool and trendy.

2. Develop cohesive party slogans

This witch-themed party had so much cute branding potential—and our creatives knocked it out of the park. We played off of Lushra’s famous “Bad W*tch Energy” slogan, and tied-in the coffee bar with an “Even Witches Need Coffee” vinyl. Remember, cups, napkins, marquee letters, or custom vinyls on bar fronts or wooden arches can be great locations to scatter your slogans and reinforce your party theme. For this party, we used Image 360 North Dallas for all of our custom vinyls.

3. Espresso bar…yes, please!

Nothing is scarier than a Halloween without coffee, so we brought in a branded espresso bar for a punch of Bad W*tch Energy. We recommend coffee bars for all events, especially during Fall and Winter. Whether you partner with Nightowl Coffee or another local coffee caterer, every party is better with caffeine.

4. It ain’t a party without balloons

Balloon garlands are our favorite element to add to any party. Garlands can bring a color palette (and a party) to life and remind us that we’re here to have a good time! We ordered this DIY kit from Lushra’s 2022 Halloween collection. You can also find a local balloon or event design company to install a garland for you.

6. Send-off your guests with party favors

Okay, you’re right, party favors can be kinda lame. But as we mentioned in tip #4, it ain’t a party without balloons—and we’re sticking by it. While I was 9 years old the last time I received a party favor, giving away these adorable DIY balloon kits by Lushra was a MUST to conclude our spooky cute Halloween party.