If partying at work doesn’t sound like a good time to you, take a peek at this office party we are still dreaming about.

Over the holidays, we attended an exceptional office holiday party brought to life by Silver Lining Event Co. We find it so important to hire a third-party planner to organize your big office events to allow EVERY single employee to be served, delighted, and celebrated. The event was captured by the incredible N Barrett Photography, who delivered images as beautiful as the party itself.

1. A Latte-Fueled Pre-Game

We believe that where there are people, there shall be good coffee! AND WE DELIVERED. We kicked-off the festivities with a super-cute mid-afternoon espresso bar with a delicious lineup of seasonal lattes (don’t worry—booze are coming next). After one or two cups of caffeine, guests were having a ball—mingling, socializing, and, of course, transitioning to party-mode.

2. A Themed After Party

Themes can often be overused, resulting in a cheesy, underwhelming party, so choose something unique yet classy that the whole office will enjoy. A unique theme opens the door to vendors who will help bring the concept to life. An Après-ski theme encouraged the entire office after a demanding year to enjoy themselves by letting loose, enjoying good music, and drinking with friends.

3. Espresso Martinis

After a mid-afternoon espresso bar service, we queued the wardrobe change and began preparing for our second service. Our team relocated the coffee bar and transitioned from the latte bar to the after-hours rooftop espresso martini bar. Um, yes please! We love watching office cultures transition from professional settings to social paradises, showing those who work hard know how to have a good time too. Our espresso martinis are the perfect solution to bring any party to life.

4. Live Music

Live music brightens a party’s atmosphere in a way a playlist cannot. It is much more than background noise, as the artist can captivate the room with their presence. Live music also provides an interactive element to the party as guests can request songs, dance, and gather together to listen.


Are you kidding me with this view? While not every company has this panoramic viewpoint, we love parties that extend to the outdoors. While this rooftop view certainly added to the allure of this event, tenting a parking lot or opening warehouse doors and placing a bar in the parking lot can be a more practical option. In fact, experiencing the office at a different time of day can help transform the space as well.

We had a blast working alongside these amazing vendors: Silver Lining Event Co, Natalie Barrett, Shag Carpet Rentals, Blue Fire Catering, Game On, Wow Events, Illume Marquee, Corey Breedlove, Balloon Therapy